iGAD Day 4: Super Hexagon (iOS)

iGAD is a series of blogposts, continuing until I finish [A SHITLOAD] of indie games. Yesterday I took a look at Moment Studio’s Skylight, and now it’s time to check out Super Hexagon, a ridiculously punishing iOS game by Terry Cavanagh.

You know when a game ruthlessly and effortlessly kicks your ass, and does it in a manner in which it’s totally your fault whenever you lose, and then you feel the uncontrollable urge to just give it one more try?

Super Hexagon is one of those games.

In this utter bastard of a game, you control a tiny triangle, spinning around the centre of the screen to avoid being crushed by various walls which take the form of polygonal shapes – hexagons, squares, and pentagons (at least in my experience of the game – there might be more shapes).

I think it says something about this game that:

1. The guy who developed it, Terry Cavanagh, also made VVVVVV.
2. The easiest difficulty is “Hard”, followed by “Harder” and “Hardest”. These are just the beginning difficulties, however – there are “Hyper” versions of each difficulty which make the gameplay a lot faster, and, by extension, ridiculously harder.

That’s measured in seconds, not minutes…

Super Hexagon is a game for masochists, and I love it. It’s not unfair, like some “hardcore” games can be – it’s completely fair, and, just like VVVVVV, laughs in your face every time you fail. It doesn’t help that there’s an amazing 8-bit soundtrack (composed by Chipzel) throbbing behind the action, goading you into having just one more try…

Verdict: I hate myself, and heartily recommend that you, my loyal reader, purchase this game. It’s great fun, and a fantastic timesink. Go grab it from the App Store before all your friends do, so that you can be all hipstery about it.


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