iGAD Day 3: Skylight

iGAD is a series of blogposts, continuing until I finish [A SHITLOAD] of indie games. Yesterday I took a look at Project BC’s Encarmine, and now it’s time to check out Skylight, a Moment Studio production with a killer feature that has me very impressed.

Skylight is a game about jumping. When you boil it down, that’s literally all there is to it. Your player character is a robot who inexplicably soars through the sky, bouncing off of differently-coloured tiles which crack after he lands on them. Apart from that (very) simple gameplay mechanic, designed to force progression, there’s nothing else, and this minimalism is just a portion of what makes Skylight beautiful.

I guess you’d call Skylight a casual game – that’s what the creator, Bill Borman, calls it at least. The reality is that it is, in fact, a casual game, but one that is very much crafted in a manner which ups the difficulty as the player progresses, which I think is pretty rad. It’s quite fun to play, especially with the sparse scenery which floats around you – flocks of birds and fluffy clouds appear from time to time, and they only add to the experience of being a flying robot.

Of course, I’ve saved the most fantastic part of Skylight for last. The guy who made this game is a trained musician, and he decided to put that experience to work by making a custom music engine for the game – and boy is it neat as all hell. Skylight’s entire soundtrack is procedurally generated, and the progression of the music is controlled by the player’s progress ingame (hitting tiles causes notes to play, and the zebra-striped piano tiles play a quick flourish of notes). It’s an aural mechanic which works wonderfully, and is a large part of why I love this simple, minimalist game.

I suppose that I’m lucky that all of the games I’ve played so far have been pretty good. Skylight is no exception.

Verdict: Go buy it. It’s worth it.


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